Post-Truth and Affective Publics’ Challenges to Social Ties.
Disinformation, Populism, Data-Driven Propaganda

May 25, 2022

Ferrari Room, Île du Saulcy, 57000 Metz, France

Organizer: Centre for Research on Mediations (CREM), Université de Lorraine, France

An International Communication Association (ICA) Preconference

Endorsed by the following ICA divisions: Journalism Studies, Political Communication

Simultaneous interpretation into French

The acceleration of innovation in communication technology and the increasing commodification of personal data have combined with the already hyper-segmented offer of legacy media to throw news media ecologies across the globe in a state of flux. Through selective exposure, users are provided with infinite opportunities to reinforce their pre-existing attitudes and engage with the political process affectively, a phenomenon further compounded by new challenges to journalistic authority that accelerate already existing trends and shake traditional informational hierarchies to their cores. Against this background, this preconference will examine how the interplay between such dynamics severely challenges social ties and enables populism around the world. Presentations will focus on: Disinformation flows, connectivity and network structures; Affective publics and populism; Journalistic practices.

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